Wednesday, March 01, 2006

To all my friends that never had the opportunity to discover this little hometown!
It was here that I enjoyed my childhood and after thirty years away, I am back to enjoy my retirement...
In earlier days, it was more of a rural area, agriculture and fishing was the population's means of survival. Now, it's a city with about 15,000 residents and big industries (we have one of the most important seaports in Portugal -- Porto de Aveiro).
We have beautiful, clean and FREE beaches starting about 5 minutes away and that continue all along the portuguese coast (Barra, Costa Nova, Vagueira and Mira, etc.).
In Barra, you can find the 3rd tallest Lighthouse of the world (The Farol).
I will leave some links here for all of those who are interested in learning more about this area of Portugal, that I must refer, is a good tourist attraction.

Enjoy the pictures and the links:é

Just a quick note:
Gafanha and the surrounding areas mentioned are part of Aveiro's district!

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Jessica said...

Yes, we live in a very nice area...Just missing the US a lot!